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Frequently Asked Questions

Margaret Piton - Journalist, Writer and Editor

Q: Why should I hire you?

A: Because in more than 25 years of writing for major publications, I have never missed a deadline.  Because I love to travel and have travelled widely.  And because I make providing interesting, accurate information to readers my top priority.

Q: Do you have any specialties?

A: I specialize in both budget and business travel, because I have done a lot of both.  For 11 years I wrote a weekly column on budget travel for The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper of record.  I also wrote a column on business travel for a shorter period.

My geographic specialties include Montreal, northern New York, Ohio, Washington D.C., the Gulf Coast of Florida, Berlin, Germany and St. Petersburg, Russia.  I have travelled all over  North America and Europe (except for Rumania, Bulgaria and Norway) through much of the Near East, and to parts of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Q: What is your favourite destination?

A: Seeing the great herds of wild animals on the African veldt is like being present at the dawn of Creation.

“To date over 300 readers have written or telephoned to avail themselves of the free sample copy…mentioned in the article.”
Jeff Richardson, Publisher, Travel Scoop, Toronto, ON

Q: What is your educational background?

A: I took a B.A. cum laude in political science at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame Indiana, and an M.A. in Western European Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.  I also dropped out of two Ph.D. programs.

Q: Do you speak any foreign languages?

A: I love studying languages.  I am bilingual in French, can get along in German and Italian, and know a few words of Spanish and Russian.

Q: What is your philosophy of travel?

A: Travel is both a great adventure and a privilege.  It is like normal life at warp speed –it gets you out of your rut and allows you to see the many similarities among people regardless of their culture or economic status.  Whether they live in shantytowns or castles, most people around the world want peace and prosperity for themselves and their families. 
By travelling at a time when North Americans are not very popular in much of the world, we can show people living in other cultures that we don’t all have horns.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Tennis, working out, community service and reading thrillers..

Q: What is your favourite charity?

A: Anything to do with animals –the World Wildlife Fund, PETA, the SPCA, the Brooke Hospital for Animals.  This last is a charity based in Britain which provides free veterinary care for working animals, mostly in the Near and Middle East. 

"A travel writer's job is to tell the truth about destinations and travel  experiences in an industry that is often over-hyped.  With my years of travel covering most parts of the world and my reporter's sharp eye, I can help your readers travel more knowledgeably, comfortably and economically."