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Margaret Piton - Partial List of Publications

Co-author, Strategy and Tactics for Getting a Government Job (Washington DC:  Potomac Books Inc.)
Anthologized in The Process of Writing, ed. by John F. Parker (Don Mills ON:  Addison Wesley)
Writer for Reader’s Digest Complete Buyer’s Guide (Westmount, QC)
Cover blurb for Gerda Pantel The Canadian Bed and Breakfast Guide (Markham, ON: Fitzhenry Whiteside )

Clio’s Circle:  Entering the Imaginal World of Historians, by Ruth Meyer.  
Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, September 2008
At the Heart of Matter:  Jung’s Spiritual Testament,  by J. Gary Sparks. Jung at Heart  No.48, Summer/Fall 2008
The Parental Image:  Its Injury and Reconstruction, by Esther M. Harding, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, November 2003
The Secret World of Drawings:  A Jungian Approach to Healing through Art, by Gregg M. Furth, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, April 2002
Bone:  Dying into Life, by Marion Woodman, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, August 2001
Jung and Yoga:  The Psyche-Body Connection, by Judith Harris, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, May 2001
Visions in the Night:  Jungian and Ancient Dream Interpretation, by Joel Covitz, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, November 2000
Close to the Bone:  Life-threatening Illness and the Search for Meaning,   Newsletter, by Jean Shinoda Bolen, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, September 1999
The Maiden King, by Robert Bly and Marion Woodman, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, January 1999
Divine Tempest:  The Hurricane as Psychic Phenomena by David E. Schoen, Newsletter, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal, January 1998
The Traders:  Inside Canada’s Stock Markets, by Alexander Ross, The Globe and Mail, December 1, 1984

Budget Travel, weekly column in The Globe and Mail, 1980 to 1991
Business Travel, bi-weekly column in The Gazette, 1990 to 1991
Investments, weekly column in The Gazette, 1974 to 1975
Small Business, weekly column in This Week in Business (Montreal) 1988 to 1989

Literary Seminars in Russia, Transitions Abroad, September 2006
Montreal Walkabout, BMW Magazine, June 2003
Argentina Down but not Out,, January 2002
Internet Travel, Moneysense, March-April 2001
Standard Life Revamps Force, Investment Executive, April 1999
Montreal East Refinery Wins Award, The Pecten, March 24, 1992
Global Investing, Physicians’ Management Manuals, August 1991
Hands-Off Investing, Physicians’ Management Manuals, November 1991
Mutual Funds, Physicians’ Management Manuals, August 1990
The Best of Spirits, Montreal Magazine, November 1989
Service Charges Ahead, Canadian Business, June 1988
Tourism a Laurentian Growth Industry, This Week in Business, October 1988
Is Your Brokerage Account Safe? Your Money, May 1988
Moneywise Traveller, Financial Post Magazine, April 1988
Investment:  Going Global, Canadian Business, April 1988
International Circuit, Your Money, January 1988
Planning Parenthood, Your Money, September 1987
Go Global:  Foreign Currencies, Your Money, January 1987
Orientation Videos, Interest, August/September 1985
Pink Slip Blues, Working Woman, January 1984
Cheapest Chic, Working Woman, December 1982
Mordecai Richler’s Beginnings, Today Magazine, July 17, 1982
First Aid for Budget Travel, Montreal Business Report, April/May 1982
The Buck Starts Here (profile of Bay Buchanan) Working Woman, October 1981
How Hard are Taxes Hitting You? Reader’s Digest, April 1980
Man and his Stomach, Maclean’s, September 10, 1979
Alberta Heritage Fund, Report on Confederation, March 1979
Dynamic Montreal, The Rotarian, March 1975

More than 300 for The  Globe and Mail (not including columns listed above)
Articles for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Baltimore Sun, Columbus Dispatch, Los Angeles Times, Montreal Star, Ottawa Journal

Analysis of a Revolutionary (an imaginary analysis of V.I. Lenin by C.G. Jung)
Staged reading, Montreal 2001 and 2002 -
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Pictures of the Pope 2005—(imaginary events surrounding actual pictures from The first Canadian tour of Carol Cardinal Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II)

Russian Revelations 2008— (imaginary events set in Potsdam in 1994, when Russian troops left Germany)